1. Family Name: King

2. Given Name: Arantxa

3. Nickname: Ranch, Ranchy, Rench

4. Language(s) spoken: English

5. Twitter account name: @arantxaqueen

6. Hobbies: Reading, traveling, listening to good music, dancing, and anything remotely competitive.

7. Sporting hero: As child: Mia Ham and Marion Jones (pre scandal); Currently: Serena Williams. Between her dominance, physique, and character she has redefined how we think of female athletes, especially women of color.

8. Favourite song: I have top 10 favorite songs for every genre, mood, and era. Current favorite song: Two Weeks by FKA Twigs

9. Favourite movie: Too many to count, but top four: Pride and Prejudice (BBC extended version), Zoolander, Lord of the Rings, and Prince of Egypt.

10. Education (school, grade and/or graduation year): Stanford University '11 and '12, Georgetown University Law Center '17

11. Local Club: n/a

12. Coach: Edrick Floreal and Skeeter Jackson

13. When did you start competing?: 14

14. Biggest Sporting achievements: 2012 Olympic Games lih Place.

15. Professional Objectives: To realize my purpose and effectuate that obligation in every aspect of my life.