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Hamilton, Bermuda - 27 September 2018: The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) today announced that the Bermuda Hockey Federation (BHF) has been able to purchase a wide range of new equipment with which to support its training and development programmes, and participation in overseas competitions.  The purchase of the new equipment was funded through the BOA’s partnership programme with the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) that makes new equipment available to qualifying national sports federations free of charge.

The new BHF equipment includes:

  *   Low and high-speed hurdles and agility ladders for fitness training
  *   A large number of training balls
  *   More cones with which to break up the pitch for events and training
  *   A new supply of junior field hockey sticks
  *   Safety goggles and masks for training and competition
  *   Professional, wireless microphones  to allow pitch umpires to communicate with bench staff

Keith De Silva, BHF President, said “We would like to thank the BOA for its continued support.  With the help of the BOA, we were able to, for the upcoming season, purchase some much needed equipment to enhance our games and training sessions, and replace aging equipment.  The new sticks we were able to purchase will especially assist us with our Saturday junior development programme, which introduces the sport of hockey to students who may not have played before.
“It is only with this type of support that we can continue to raise the profile and encourage participation in the sport of hockey in Bermuda.”

Hamilton, Bermuda - 19 September 2018:

The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) today officially announced the team that will represent Bermuda at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Argentina.  

Bermudian swimmer, Madelyn Moore, 18, will compete in the Women’s 100m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly and 50m Freestyle.

Bermudian swimmer, Kai Legband, 18, will compete in the Men’s 100m freestyle and 50m Freestyle.

Bermudian athlete, Clevonte Lodge-Bean, 16, will compete in the Men’s 400 meters.

They will be accompanied by Ms. Zoenique Williams who is theChef de Mission.

The Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympics will take place from 6 to 18 October2018 in Argentina. Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be held in Buenos Aires.

Brenda Dale, BOA Vice President, who is attending the Games on behalf of the BOA, said, “The BOA congratulates these three young athletes on their upcoming participation in the Buenos Aires Summer Youth Olympic Games.We are proud to have them represent Bermuda and we wish them the very best in competition.”

Download Press Release (PDF)

Get ActiveThe Premier’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition was formed in May 2015 to develop initiatives aimed at helping Bermuda’s population to 
improve its health and wellness. One of the key initiatives developed by the Council is the Premier’s Youth Fitness Program. 
The Premier’s Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) is a school-based program for students from P5 / Grade 4 - S3 / Grade 11. It utilizes state of the art fitness testing via heart rate monitors and the Spirit System. The Spirit System is designed to be a non-competitive health-related fitness assessment based on scientifically established Healthy Fitness Zone stan-dards. The program will help schools evaluate and evolve their physical education programming into an education experience that supports the whole child. The testing enables physical education teachers to collect both biometric and fitness assessment data of stu-dents. The assessments will provide students and parents with an age appropriate fitness profile. The profiles will highlight your child’s areas of strength and provide recom-mendations for physical activity options for those areas that need improvement. 

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