Hamilton, Bermuda—19 June 2015: The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) today announced details of 2015 Olympic Day Celebrations in Bermuda.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 23 June 2015 (from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.), to mark international Olympic Day, the BOA in cooperation with the Bermuda Hockey Federation, the Bermuda Football Rugby Union and the Bermuda School Sports Federation will hold an interactive sports demonstration and educational programme for primary school students at the National Sports Centre.

Under the theme “Move, Learn, Discover”, approximately 100 students aged 10 to 13 will learn about Olympic values and the role of sport in society.  This will include information on the many opportunities—for travel, education and recognition— that are opened up to young people who pursue sporting accomplishments.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the games of Hockey and Rugby and try their hands at these sports after demonstrations from representatives from each sport.

Olympic Day events are held annually in 160 countries to mark the birth of the modern-day Olympic movement on the anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 23 June 1894. National Olympic Committees around the world design sporting celebrations and educational events for youth to encourage healthy, active lifestyles and promote the Olympic values of fun, fairness, respect, personal growth, leadership and peace.

Judy Simons, BOA President, said “In collaboration with the Rugby and Hockey sports governing bodies, we have a great programme planned for the kids who will join us at the Stadium on June 23rd.  They will have a chance to learn hockey and rugby skills and put those skills to use in friendly games with their peers.  They will also learn about the value of sport to society and in their own lives, and the opportunities that sport can bring them.”

Mrs. Simons added, “For some of the attendees, this will be their first chance to learn about and participate in these two sports.  But we want the kids to take away that there’s a sport for everyone, and if they work hard at it, there is an opportunity for each of them to accomplish great things in a sport of their choosing; possibly even rise to the elite level and get a chance to represent Bermuda in international festivals including the Olympics.”

Each student who participates in the Olympic Day programme will receive an Olympic Day diploma from the BOA.

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