The Premier’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition was formed in May 2015 to develop initiatives aimed at helping Bermuda’s population to improve its health and wellness. One of the key initiatives developed by the Council is the Premier’s Youth Fitness Program. 

The Premier’s Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) is a school-based program for students from P5 / Grade 4 – S3 / Grade 11. It utilizes state of the art fitness testing via heart rate monitors and the Spirit System. The Spirit System is designed to be a non-competitive health-related fitness assessment based on scientifically established Healthy Fitness Zone stan-dards. The program will help schools evaluate and evolve their physical education programming into an education experience that supports the whole child. The testing enables physical education teachers to collect both biometric and fitness assessment data of stu-dents. The assessments will provide students and parents with an age appropriate fitness profile. The profiles will highlight your child’s areas of strength and provide recom-mendations for physical activity options for those areas that need improvement.  To read the entire article please click here

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