Hamilton, Bermuda—23 June 2021: The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) confirms that it received and has declined offers by FINA (the international swimming federation) for two unqualified swimmers, one male and one female, to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.  The Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association had submitted Madelyn Moore and Jesse Washington to be on the long list of potential qualifiers for the Games.Under the Olympic Charter’s article 44, the governing document of the Olympic Games, each National Olympic Committee is responsible for sending to the Olympic Games “only those competitors adequately prepared for high level international competition.” Following the Rio Games, in the best interest of athletes’ overall development, the BOA adopted and has adhered to the practice of approving athletes’ participation at international festivals if they meet the requisite qualifying standards for those festivals.  This practice has been applied consistently and without prejudice to all athletes in all sports for all competitions during the current quadrennial and has produced some of the most successful teams Bermuda has seen in recent times.

At this time, Ms. Moore and Mr. Washington have not met FINA’s qualifying standards for the Olympics. Therefore, the BOA cannot currently approve Ms. Moore’s and Mr. Washington’s participation in the Tokyo Games.We note that Ms. Moore and Mr. Washington are currently competing at the Central American and Caribbean Amateur Swimming Confederation (CCCAN) Championships in Puerto Rico, and we are hopeful that they will meet the Olympic qualifying standard during their events at CCCAN, which would allow them to represent Bermuda in Tokyo.  We extend our best wishes for a successful meet in Puerto Rico.

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