The Bermuda Olympic Association through the WIS Committee held the WIS banquet and Expo  The theme for the weekend was “Be the Champions of Your Life” and the goal was not only to get our young girls involved in sport but to just get them moving.  This event was held at the Hamilton Princess and the banquet was held the same day as International Women’s Day.  The banquet was well attended by many of our NSGBs young girls in attendance.  We had 2 dynamic speakers who are multi US Olympians Hazel Clarke and Jearl Miles Clark (twice Olympic medalist).  Their speeches were dynamic and directed to the young girls in the audience telling their story of their journey towards becoming an Elite athlete, the good and the bad

The next day the expo was held with over 20 sporting bodies and companies associated with sports setting up booths displaying their sport.  There were several demonstrations throughout the day and the day concluded with a panel consisting of Katura Horton-Perinchief and her mother Ellen Kate Horton, Jessica Lewis and her mother Lori Lewis, Dominique Richardson and her mother Tammy Richardson.  They also talked about their journey towards becoming an Elite athlete but also the supporting part  their mother’s played in assisting in getting them there.  

The sponsors for the event were BF&M, Butterfield & Vallis, AXA XL. 

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