Athlete Commission

“Pursuant to the recommendation of the IOC 2000 Reform Commission that “athletes should be well represented at all levels of the sports movement: IOC (International Olympic Committee), IFs (International Federations), NOCs (National Olympic Committees) and NFs (National Federations)”, the IOC encourages NOCs to form NOC Athletes’ Commissions.” – (International Olympic Committee)


The mission of the Bermuda Olympic Association Athletes’ Commission is to represent the views of the athletes within the Bermuda Olympic Association.


The objectives of the Commission are:

  • To consider questions related to athletes and to provide advice to the Bermuda Olympic Association,
  • To represent the rights and interests of athletes and to make related recommendations,
  • To maintain a contact with the IOC Athletes’ Commission.


The Commission has a minimum of five (5) members. All members come from Bermuda, are at least sixteen (16) years of age, and have never been sanctioned for a doping offence.

The Commission is composed of a majority of athletes who, at the time of their election/nomination, are at least participating at a national level in a sport which is on the Olympic programme, or have done so within the previous four years.

Both sexes must be represented within the Commission, and there should be a reasonable balance between summer and winter sports practised in the country.

The majority of the members of the Commission are elected by their peers.

The duration of the mandate is four (4) years. It may be renewable.

The following are ex officio members of the Commission in their country:
Members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission

  • Members of the Athletes’ Commissions of Bermuda Continental Associations
  • They have the right to vote at meetings of the Commission.


The Commission is represented at the Bermuda General Assembly by at least two of its members, elected by the Commission, who shall have the right to vote within this Assembly.

The Commission is represented within the Bermuda executive organisation by at least one member, elected by the Bermuda General Assembly or the Commission, who shall have the right to vote within this executive organisation.


The Commission meets at least once a year.

The NOC is responsible for ensuring, within its means, that the Commission is able to meet.